Timeline of History Project

Take a peek into history through a timeline created by art!

Although this piece has an unknown artist, I feel that it depicts ancient Egypt by demonstrating their use of carvings into stone. It's extremely detailed, yet simple. It depicts their culture.
I feel this piece, also by an Unknown person, depicts imagery that would be seen on a tomb. It may depict honor of a fallen royalty, showing his or her attendants saluting them.
I love the vases of the Greek. They remind me of something you would see in the Disney Hercules movie.
The Byzantine Period has the most beautifully designed pieces. They use such extravagant detail to portray their ideas of style.
This crucifix is beautifully detailed also. It seems like something you'd see hanging in a home, but such beautiful colors.
The details of the angels/cupid are adorable. It shows how love and passion are everywhere, even in the 15th century.
This was known as one of the first full length portraits in Europe. It's detail is impeccable.
Credits: All media
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