PLanet of the apes by Pierre Boule 

Docent: Gabriel Evans

Selected Epigraph: "Follow effective action with quiet reflection." ~Peter Drucker This quote fits the novel because it relates to the fact that the entirety of the book is somewhat of a reflection by characters to other characters, and the reflection is on the topic of the action leading up to.
The universal themes of this book are conflict and survival. Conflict due to the constant tenion between the humans and the apes, and survival because as both species fight against eachother, they are also both fighting for their own species's survival.
The tone in Pierre Boulle's work is very serious. With conflict being common in this novel, it is hard for the tone to be much other than serious and solemn. The tone stays remotely the same throughout the book, regardless of the scenario.
The setting of this novel takes place primarily in Arizona near the Grand Canyon. Several other Arizona attractions serve as settings in the novel, and also a handful of locations along the border of Arizona.
One connection that can be made from text to world is slavery. The apes took the humans as slaves since they were different, and as sad as it is, so did humans back in the civil war days. White Americans took African Americans as slaves and sold them as property because White Americans didn't consider their African American slaves as humans.
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