Feeling of Color

by: Alexander Hudson

The colors in this painting gives the environment a feeling of calm and warmth. Using orange to flood the room like a clear sunny evening.
I chose this because of the artist use of dark colors. Using dark trees around the hut conceals it, adding dramatic effect to the environment. The yellowish moon light hauntingly strikes the building.
This painting caught my attention with its color detailed sky. Overall its a great painting, but the use of the oranges and blues really sets the environment with a warm summer evening feeling.
Van Gogh's use of color in this piece is really impressive to me. From the beautifully painted sky, to the carefully placed blades of grass in the field. Creating a clear summer day in the country.
I was really hooked on how amazing the whole environment looks. Although its dark contrast but bright sky opening gives the landscape a spooky look. Drawing you in with it's warming sky and dark land.
Amazing use of environmental colors. Not only the snowy white, but the use of the different shades of white, adding feeling and texture. The glowing sun and gentle sky brings everything together.
The colors bring out the story in the piece. The stripes looking as though its popping out, as well as the bright yellow background and different shades of color adding definition. Very cool mural.
The color in this piece is phenomenal. From the blue/green king face on the left, to the orange/red ant queen on the right. Not to mention Pinocchio sitting on a woman's lap. One of my favorites.
I enjoy this painting for the desert landscape the artist didn't paint but you can still see. The native american's attire is colored to show its authentic texture and natural looking fabric.
This amazing painting is another one of my favorites, displaying the artist skill when it comes to color. The watery blue used in the pond is a perfect example of this skill. Really eye catching.
The warm colors of this painting draws you in for a closer look at it. Oranges showing what time of day it is, giving a calming evening vibe. The house reflection is remarkably done with water color.
The blue in this painting is really efficient in giving the impression of depth and shading. Impressive use of the colors around the pond, such as the reds and browns, giving it an even bluer look.
This marsh land painting combines the use of blues and greens, giving the painting an eerie feeling but also a feeling of wanting to be there. Realistically displaying a dark, marshy landscape.
Colors are used to give a feeling of motion in the painting. Strong use of white in the water adding a rushing look to the water. Showing natures beauty with the autumn colored trees and bright sky.
The red/orange used in this piece gives a sort of mystical feeling to it. Different color bugs flying around the bright flames, giving a dreamy look, as if a story is being told around a campfire.
Credits: All media
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