Great Leaders in History: American & EUROPEAN  by. CHANnING Ashton Craze

My gallery shows the worlds greatest leaders that came out of America and Europe. I chose history as the subject based theme. I also chose a lot of oil on canvas and Photography and sculpture art pieces. These great leaders were inspired by different types of art. Some of them were considered very heroic and others were very evil like rulers. 

This is president George Washington. In this art work he is posting as the American Revolutionary War general leader. This art work was done in canvas styles. This is a historical representation for the style themed subject - based. The dark background Shows of darkness at times and George's bluecoats represent hope for the 13 cosines. His postures make him look fearless and brave.
Abraham Lincoln was a well known president for his bravery for standing up for equal rights and becoming one of Americas greatest GOP presidents. Winning the Civil War change the way people thought of slavery forever. This was done in the style of sculpture. The gold textures represents richness and makes the sculpture stand out more. The visual movement shows Lincoln looking upon his solders fighting. he walks to the top of the rock to look over the battle field with his telescope.
Franklin Dalano Rosevelt is one of Americas greatest president to accomplish a war. World War Two was tragic event and FDR found away to defeat Hitler and the Nazi organization. This painting was done in oil on canvas. The colors are very warm. This shows movement between the two leaders talking about war and the political things. The room looks very rich and is mot likely taking place in the white house.
This photograph of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr looks like it was taken on capital hill. Dr. King was a civil rights leader for african americans and a leader for stoping non equal rights in the suntan state of the Unites States. This was taken by photograph. Most photographs were all black and white. This explains a meeting like situation going on with congress and the supreme court about equal rights movement in the 1960's. Dr. King looks very concerned and stressed out.
John F. Kennedy was the first young president who's appeal attracted a lot of people in America. John F. Kennedy had a lot of scandals in his presidency but also was the first president cadet to be a part of the first televised debate. This painting was done with oil on canvas. The colors have a very warm welcoming concept to them. The movement shows Kennedy looking down thinking and his arms show movement of stress or comfort.
Ronald Regan who had the famous speech of "Tare down that wall" was one of the most Historical GOP presidents in the 1980's. He helped establish the economic system where people had better jobs and fewer high taxes. The organ national airport is named after him. This painting was done with oil on canvas. The colors are very bright and realistic like. This shows him using for a presidential photograph to have in the White House. This was done in 1991
This is Sir Winston Churchill. He was the leader for England during world war two. The Nazi army attacked London destroying thousands of buildings and killing people. Churchill than declared war on Nazi Germany after that. This art work was done in Plaster Sculpture in the year 1967. The colors are simply white concert like. The artist made Churchill look very upset or could have been his normal facial looks.
This photograph of Adolf Hitler and his Nazi army at a party was taken in 1938. Hitler was a arguable one of these best leaders of a country. He was also very cruel to anyone that was jewish or didn't follow his policies. This is another Black and white photograph. Most photo taken were black and white. It shows movement of been laughing and celebrating. Men in the background are suiting him in the Nazi suite as he walks in the party.
Napoleon was on of Frances greatest rulers. He was general who never gave up on his fight. This art work was done by oil on canvas. The art shows the movement of Napoleon showing his heroic bravery and winning the battle of Wagram. The colors shows a cold feeling of war but with Napoleon being victorious shows light. He also is moving his arm which could indicate that he his telling his men to move forward into the battle.
Joseph Stalin was another leader who had communist views but did not like Hitler. He and the soviet amy made a deal with hitler to where the Nazi army would not attack on Russia. Then Hitler turn his back on stalin and attached Russia. So Stalin joined forces with USA and England. This was done in black in white by photograph. It was taken in 1935. It shows stalin smiling as he know she's a great ruler for the soviet union. He liked very rich and powerful. Headshot were very rare. To see this one is pretty cool.
Credits: All media
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