The great warrior hercules - William hines

My gallery is going to showcase Hercules's accomplishments and how he passed. I will include statues, paintings, and pencil drawing depicting Hercules in battle.

Hercules and the Hydra uses a range of darker colors allowing you to focus on the battle taking place. you see how the painting shows the movement of the hydra as it is wrapping its leg around Hercules as he is about to strike the beast.
This piece depicts Hercules conquering the fire breathing giant cacus whom was eating his livestock. You see how fine the detail is on the giants armor and the weapon used by Hercules. In the background you see the village and what appears to be a body of water behind him. Telling the tale of how Hercules had to track the beast to the woods.
The tone of this painting is very subtle due to how the artist used shading. You see in the front Hercules and Nemean fighting. The biggest difference is Nemean could not be killed by mortal weapons, meaning only Hercules could defeat the beast by using his bare hands.
The fine detail in this picture is unreal you can see how the shading of certain characters like Cerberus is a darker shade than Hercules. Then you see a small flying creature the same shade showing what I believe is the good and evil in the picture.
Hercules was able to beat Antaeus by submission due to that was the only way to defeat him in a wrestling match. The picture has a nice shading showing people in the ground possible victims to Antaeus.
The color choices in this painting match the dark imagery of Hercules feeding Diomedes to his horses. The whites stand out great in the painting showcasing the horror that is taking place, while the dark more subtle colors such as Hercules and the background are meant as a staple to bring out what is happening.
The bronze statue of Hercules shows him in battle gear and with his weapon. This statue shows how strong and noble Hercules was and how he would not back down from a battle or challenge.
This photo has amazing detail and line work on the scales of the serpent to the details on Hercules. You see Hercules using the bow of Apollo to take the Serpent out whom was guarding the golden apples in the garden of Hesperides.
The image shown is the death of Hercules and his wife. The red sheet around Hercules and his wife was poison which is why I assume it is red. The color choices in this are great. The red signifies something bad, while the body of the deceased man is a darker decomposing color. The image is very powerful as it shows the end of Hercules and his last conquest.
I chose the black and grey version of this painting as I found it more enjoyable on the eyes. You can see the fine details on all the people in the image. You see Hercules accompanied by angels playing horns and warriors. The line work and shading is perfect in this image not leaving a single detail obscure or hidden.
Credits: All media
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