It's family history- Alyssa Calhoun

For my theme I chose family and history. It's not just paintings of family portraits but also things that has do with history. In most of the paintings the color red or pink appears in their clothing or rugs. They also have a variety of lights and darks.

This is a beautiful painting and I chose it because of the colors and the scenery. The angels at the bottom is the part of the painting that I remember most and thats because of their expressions.
This painting almost looks photo like. I like this one because the color red stands out the most. Their faces don't really show too much emotion but they are nicely dressed.
George Washington will always be an important part of history, which is why I chose it for the history portion. The design of the carpet is really detailed and looks realistic.
The texture of the dress in this painting looks almost felt like, along with the rug. They way she is looking at her baby is the way most mothers look at their babies.
The details in this painting are incredible, nothing was missed in painting this portrait. The color of her dress really seems to pop out. The empty baby crib says a lot about the story behind it.
I picked this one because you really don't see many paintings with Mary kneeling by Jesus's feet after his crucifixion and it was beautifully done.
I like this one because even through its a portrait of a family, it still shows portraits on the wall of other people, possibly family members.
The faces in this one aren't really detailed much but you know that they have faces. I like that the room is dark but it shows the light coming from the window.
The color of the dress stands out the most and then you see one of her babies holding sticks made into the cross.
In this painting the colors are dark. The woman in the painting seems to be cleaner than the men and everyone seems to be glowing.
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