the thin line between love and destruction

This gallery contains various works of art that represent both love and heartbreak. Love is a mysterious thing that haunts us to this very day as we have yet to solve it. Love has been known to inspire and destroy so I wish to share with you a collection that embodies the highs and lows of love.

Marine Gods Paying Homage to Love has a title that certainly speaks for itself as it depicts several Gods from the sea lead by Poseidon swimming side by side with a well known symbol of love, Cupid. This embodies love in other ways as well. Look at how the man looks towards his lover in the bottom corner, clutching her closely. He peers into her eye almost as if to say that our love will not be tested, not even by the strength of the sea.
Mars and Venus United by Love depicts Venus, Goddess of Love, and Mars, God of War. This illustration is a fine example of the fine line between love and destruction. The two bound together so closely, momentarily taming the fire that burns deep within the breast of man. Cupid, yet again shown in a painting as the small child has become synonymous with love.
The Kiss depicts a man and woman kissing, but it is much greater than that. While patterns may change, it is almost as if the two lovers are entwined to the point where they are lost in each other. In this moment they have become one entity, burning brightly with passion and love. The woman's eyes are closed as she embraces her lover and as they savor their moment.
Vertumnus and Pomona is a sculpture that depicts the two lovers on the day that Vertumnus removed his mask revealing his true self. Even while wearing the mask of an old woman Vertumnus was able to to have Pomona fall in love with him. Once again, Cupid is present in the sculpture to complete the symbol of love in a more direct manner.
The Kiss by Lystras Nikephoros depicts a man stealing a kiss from a window. Love knows no bounds, no barriers and no limitations. It has driven people to do amazing, dangerous and just downright stupid things This embodies that feeling, that no wall or window or rules will keep lovers apart.
Samson and Delilah is a story we have all heard several times. A cautionary tale to say the least and one that embodies the fine line between love and destruction. Samson's love for Delilah lead to his downfall after he was betrayed. Samson looks longingly at Delilah as he is dragged away from his beloved. A figure in the shadows displays the treachery that has occurred.
Two People: The Lonely Ones while not necessarily destruction it is a form of it that is just as toxic. Loneliness, longing for love could be just as disastrous. The man painted in black, the woman shining brightly, the distance between them tells such a story that many have heard time and time again. Was there love? Is it gone? Forgotten, or is there still time?
Isabella is tale of love and literal destruction. The man that loved Isabella was deemed unworthy and murdered by her brothers. Isabella is eating with her family as her lover reaches for her eagerly, seemingly forever out of reach.
Ophelia depicts the scene from Shakespeare's play Hamlet. Ophelia lie in a body of water, accepting death. This is done in response to the death of Hamlet, her lover.
Unfaithfulness depicts a struggle between two men over one woman. The nature of the painting and the expressions show the unpredictable nature of love. A woman may have loved both men and is now being fought over. The look on Cupid's face is one of disgust and pain as the very thing Cupid stands for is being destroyed in front of him.
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