Renaissance For Life

By: Izobelle Ramirez and Emily Carter P:4

In this "majestical" painting, Jesus is eating his last supper with his apostles before he is crucified in Leonardo Da Vinci's perspective.
In this notebook drawing, Leonardo da Vinci drew a sketch (with information) about the anatomy of the human shoulder and neck. This shows the realism of the painting styles in the Renaissance
In this realistic sketch or drawing, Raphael Albertina captured this man's look with many shading and drawing techniques.
This painting is made in the Renaissance because it shows realistic and religious figures doing "normal" activities.
This painting seems to show that this man his done many sins and that the demons are taking him away to punish him, or take him to Satan's lair.The realistic drawing shows the style of the Renaissance
This Renaissance painting shows that the knight, or Saint George, is slaying the dragon and maybe saving the girl in the background.
This sculpture says Renaissance all over it because this statue looks realistic makes you feel like this is a real person. The realistic carving techniques used to make this sculpture makes it unique
In this painting, you can tell it is from the Renaissance era because of the clothes they are wearing. Instead of wearing the worn out Middle Ages clothing, they are wearing more expensive clothing.
Even though it is almost realistic, it doesn't show any religious themes which makes it a Renaissance painting. This painting shows some kind of conflict happening between some of the people.
In this painting, it tells us that people thought the saints can fight off the demons.
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