4 Seasons of The Rising Sun

This gallery includes paintings depicting the natural beauty of Japan during the four seasons. From focusing on the birds and flowers to the overall shape and detail of entire landscapes.

This work of art dipicts the summer atmosphere of the Sumida River. The artist's usage of dark, lush coloring gives off a sense of living which is what summer is representative of.
This art depicts some of flora and trees found in Shiobara (now known as Nasushiobara). By the soft, serene brush of the lines and the soft coloring, it is implied this painting depicts mid spring, early summer.
This artwork depicts a south view of Hibara Lake 13 years after its formation. The soft brush strokes and light lush colorings of light oranges and red gives the piece an overall serene feeling.
This artwork is one of 50 Ukiyo-e created by Utagawa depicting his travels along the Takaido road. The ground is blanketed in a soft brush of white, the only coloring being the sky, emphasizing the weather clearing.
This depicts the 44th station of Utagawa's First Takaido series, the start of winter in Yokkaichi along the Mie River. The way the the brush lines go along the painting gives it a sense of motion; strong wind.
One of the 36 views of Mt. Fuji by Hokusai. It depicts the spring below Meguro, a ward in Tokyo. The soft brush strokes and lively colors give it a sense of peace and serenity that comes with spring.
This artwork depicts spring time atop New Mount Fuji, a man made mountain by Fuji worshippers, with the view of Mt. Fuji farther in the back. The use of lively coloring and proportion gives it depth.
This depicts some people and buildings within Kyoto. Within the picture, there is a variety of activities going on that keeps one's attention. There are shrines, temples, castles, and people holding parades. The vibrant colors and shapes pop off the painting in a vivid expression of livelihood.
This depicts nature and its beauty during the two seasons that are more associated with birth, blooming, and creation. It captures the beauty of the landscape but is more heavily focused on birds and flowers.The beige paper makes the color choices more vibrant and and obvious.
This depicts the four seasons in Japan. It is heavily focused the flora and birds. The repetitive nature of the piece gives it a feel of comparing the seasons as the same subject matter appears in the four slots, though the type of flora and birds change.
Credits: All media
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