Linear perspective

Creating depth in multiple mediums and with a variety of subjects.

While not created by the photographer, the use of linear perspective in this photograph adds depth to the photo.
The angle of this photograph clearly shows how linear perspective adds to the structure of the image.
The arrangement of the Artillery pieces in this photograph use linear perspective to express the size of the field that they are on.
The use of lines in Renaissance painting were used to show depth and structure in architecture. The can be seen mirrored here in this photograph.
The lines of the street and the buildings draw the viewers eye to the distant capital at the far end of the street.
Even when many of the strongest lines are slightly curved, linear perspective can be a useful tool in creating the illusion of depth.
The lines used in Linear perspective are not always clearly seen but they can still be effective.
A classic example of linear perspective using the banks of the canal and the buildings to guide the viewers eye.
The use of Linear Perspective in this painting can some times be over looked as it is not as easy to discern within the irregular shapes in nature.
A classic example of Linear perspective in a contemporary painting.
Domed arches and pillars, plunge into the background making the interior of the church seem to be very large
This contemporary piece uses linear perspective very well to make the van painted like a camera to appear to be much smaller and far away then it is.
The use of linear perspective makes this photo of an exhibit much more interesting then just a close up flat image of the piece in the center.
Simple lines and simple lighting change this corner into something to see.
Again not actually created by the photographer the sides of the pool seem to almost merge in this example of linear perspective.
This painting is a good example of a more subtle use of linear perspective. The land scape beyond the cityscape extends the image to make it feel like it encompasses a massive area.
Monet uses linear perspective here to make the road appear to meander off into the distance. It is a good contrast to the previous painting in which linear perspective is used to make the painting seem larger.
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