wings to the mind

This gallery contains abstract artwork from many artist expressing how they feel about music and life. Paintings contain different amazing patterns, colors, and textures.

The concept that color and musical harmony are linked has a long story. Kandinsky used color in a highly way relating tone with timbre, hue with pitch and saturation with the volume of sound. He even says that when he say color he heard music.
This ground mural is made in manhattan by an Argentinian man. I represents music in a colorful, childish way. He uses clown colors to make it look fun. I like the patterns and the colors he uses for all his murals.
This painting was made by a young girl. She called her art "music" and painted young funny people dancing. The details in this painting I think are great for a childs painting. She was very creative with every person on it and everyone seems to be doing different moves.
The combination of an instrument with sheet music is used to celebrate the attributes of music. For Juan Gris it was a reinterpretation of the 1906 guitar that symbolizes the musician.
In the 16th and 17th centuries such allegories of vanity were mostly painted as still0-life or genre paintings. In this painting Bramer shows a woman looking into the mirror. He painted this to express that beauty, fortune, wartime fame and the sound of an instrument will ultimately fall into decay.
There is not much said about this painting. The reason I chose it is because the visuals are interesting. The colors and the shapes all seem something to me. The top blue part could be a person. And the black shape looks like a spider to me with a key looking shape on it. This to me seems like a meaning of life to Arsen. Only he knows what it really means.
This large mural is located in the artists neighborhood. To me it feels very realistic. I think this could be a real person who means something or inspired some type of feeling to the artist.
Seon Ghi notes his opinion about the relationship between nature and culture. We human beings are at the bottom of nature. We are the root to nature and without caring and without culture we are slowly destroying our own world.
This painting represents the surface of the world. The City Scape looks very peculiar and distorted which makes it fun. And the brushstrokes Ham uses for his paintings makes it even more interesting. Evenly applied winding brushstrokes transmit a calligraphic rhythm and music waves. This painting is very fun to look at and figure out what the lines and shapes really are.
Credits: All media
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