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Hats of Glory

a. The clothing almost tells me that he is royalty. I can tell because of the clothing he is wearing along with the jewelry. b.since their is nothing else but himself. that tells me that he is very selfish almost says i don't like anything except money. he has nothing but a wallet and himself. d.This is lord moneysworth. he likes money and himself. or arrogant
a. the clothing and the jewelry tell me she is royalty.she is wearing many layers the flower and the crown it tells me she likes beauty and being royalty. the look on her face and her clothing tells me she is very arrogant. d.this is queen mcglockland and she is a little too full of herself and her beauty.
a. The clothing such as the red velvet tells me he is royalty. b. by the book and the papers tells me loves writing. c. by him writing and a lot of papers in the back round tells me he is a great writer. d. this is sir writes-alot he tends to write alot
a.the beautiful clothing such as the blue sweater tells me she is daughter or is royalty b.since there is nothing else in the room besides her that tells me she is full of herself or arrogant. the look on her face she is telling me she is very demanding d.this is lady sassifrace and she is very sassy the clothing such as the bonnet this tells me she is almost poor. b.there is nothing but her in the room it tells me she is full of herself the look of her she looks like a nice person. d.this is bonnet girl using her deadly stare to scare away men. the clothing it is telling me he is a town worker such as the wrinkled hat. b.since he is holding a ring this tells me he cares for family and others. his look he looks very serious about his job. d this is the blacksmith he is hard working and cares for anyone
a. the clothing tells me he is a villager such as the vest and hat. b. since there is nothing but himself it tells me he is arrogant. the look on his face he is happy and joyful. d. this is Vladimir he is a joyful but arrogant person. the clothing it tells me she is royalty. b. since there is nothing but velvet in the back she must care about scenery. c. by the look it tells me she is caring. d. this is Mc feathers she is a caring and joyful person the clothing it tells me she is a normal villager. b. since there is nothing but herself she is full of herself. the look on her face she is happy d. this is miss bonnet she Is a happy yet selfish person
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