Las hermosas Diosas - Brandon Lambert

A Collection of Beautiful Goddess in Mythology.

I chose this statue because it depicts a beautiful Goddess of Mythology. She is Egyptian goddess Isis. I chose her because she is apart of mythology and a part of ancient Egyptian history. I also like the color of the stone they used to sculpt this piece of art.
This piece is of another Goddess of Mythology. It’s Aphrodite and her son Eros. It is a part of mythology & ancient Greece history. I love how the texture of it is very smooth. It looks like the only part that might be rugged is the hair and Eros wings.
This statue is of the Greek Goddess Artemis. She is apart of Ancient Greece history and a beautiful goddess of mythology. I chose this specific statue of her because her hands are missing. I’ve noticed many greek statues whose hands are missing. I want to know why? I love how detailed it is, her hair, her dress, and her replica she stands beside.
Ceres belongs to Roman mythology. She is a part of ancient Roman history. Like the other statues, I love how detailed this status is.
This is the Greek Goddess Athena. She is apart of Greek mythology and Ancient Greek History. She is also a part of the beautiful goddesses of mythology. The stone used looks very smooth. As you can see, it was able to be broken. I don’t know if it was made like that or it happened over time.
I chose this coffin, I don’t know if you would call it a statue, but I chose this because it depicts the Egyptian goddess of Death Henet-Mer. She is a part of Ancient Egytian history and their mythology. I am a fan of Egyptian mythology and I like how they added a story on the coffin.
This is the Roman Goddess of wisdom. She is a part of Roman mythology and Ancient Roman history. I love the stone, or metal, they used for this statue.
She is the Greek goddess of wild places. She is a part of Greek Mythology and Ancient Greece.
She is an Egyptian Goddess. She is a part of Egyptian mythology and Ancient Egypt's history.
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