Roman Women

Roman woman were seen as beautiful, and many portraits were made to capture it. In early Roman civilization, woman were often sculpted or painted for religious purposes. Later on they began to sculpt women in order to capture their beauty, and depict the ideal image of a woman. As time passes by woman were depicted with softer more delicate features to portray beauty.

This is a portrait of Phillip the Arab's wife. This portrait is unique because of the deep blues on the coin, and the amount of detail on such a small coin.
This figurine is from early Roman civilization when the Egyptians had a large impact on their culture. What makes it unique from the other pieces of art is that its not depicting her beauty.
This is a painting of a woman that was placed in her tomb. This painting is from Rome during King Nero's reign. This painting portrays Roman women as civilized and educated through tidy appearance.
This is a portrait of Julia Titi. This portraits roman women by showing the intricate details of the curls in her hair. It shows the soft features in the woman portraying their ideals of beauty.
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