The art of the love             LaKisha Hughes

This gallery is a representation of love in different forms of visual art. A variety of pictures, paintings and sculptures displaying the art of love. These images display different line textures, patterns, color and contrast in the gallery. 

In the art of love it is you have to be conditioned to pull through some things. Love is not always easy. Sometimes it’s a major struggle. This bronze sculpture shows a woman with a fit physique with a determined demeanor and firm posture showing love is a pull but a fair shot.
A beautiful mother nourishing her you child. The at ease look shows the content and love for the child. She rest upon her bow. The bow gives her rest as she stand. And the arrows rest at her feet as reassurance that everything is going to be ok and hopeful.
This depicts a woman love for beauty and class. Every woman loves a classy shoe. This shoe shows class and a woman's love for a good shoe.
Cupid binds Mars (the god of war) to Venus with a love knot. Shows various different aspects of love. Show the milk flowing from venus breast.
"I Promise To Love You," is comprised of six written love messages animated especially for Midnight Moment. Showing the commitment echoed everywhere.
Catering to the luxury trade, it flourished under the patronage of Louis XV and his mistress Madame de Pompadour. What is strange about this porcelain is that it shows the love for the mistress and the lover for the children.
Four scenes are set against a background. Wind blowing. A mother playing with her child. Clothing flying through the air, a woman picking up a box from the ground, and a father leaning on his shovel taking a break from work.
This represents over 100 kinds of love. The different shades and colors make you wonder what the artist had in mind. The way she turned the hearts shows that she had something different on her mind.
A 3D depiction of a mothers love. This is a great piece. The faces have several different images in them showing the different types of love for different people. I love this picture on of my favorites.
Showing eros love. The love between a male and female. This shows that they are into each other. This is the love that everyone loans for.
Credits: All media
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