7th grade research (Shepard Fairey aka- obey)

Shepard Fairey is american contemporary born February 15, 1970. He is a street artist, a graphic designer and an illustrator. Shepard is the founder of OBEY mostly for clothing but has some art work. He was born in Charleston, South Carolina graduated from Idyllwild Arts Academy in Palm Springs, California. He earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, Rhode Island in 1992. When shepard became older he started to have an interest in drawing t-shirts and skateboards. In school Shepard held an outside job at a skateboard shop, he began to make homemade stickers. It was then he realized he had a live in street art and graffiti, his biggest influence was punk music which he demonstrated stencils. Shepard is one of the most greatest street artist our our time. His work has flooded the Los Angeles community and showed up with his biggest work OBEY. It has been on stencils, graffiti, paint and stores across the United States. Fairey’s most popular work is Andre The Giant and the propaganda poster of Barack Obama. The Barack Obama poster received the design of the year award in 2009. Shepard Fairey has held solo and group exhibitions across the world. Some of his more famous ones include Capsule, Birmingham, England in 2000, Kantor Gallery Window in New York, New York in 2003, OXOP Gallery in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 2006, and Merry Karnosky Gallery in Los Angeles, California in 2007. The “HOPE” poster a picture of Barack Obama Obey faced some legal issues by the government. Shepard used a copyrighted photo without a license. Mannie Garcia, an Associated Press photographer, took the original picture. As the AP brought a civil suit, Shepard had a great fair use case. Shepard took the case into his own hands and destroyed evidence on his computer. His lawyer refused to defend him he served 300 hours of community service and fine of twenty-five thousand dollar fine.

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