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Docent Alec Brazukas

Own Epigraph "Gin a body meet a body Comin thro' the glen Gin a body kiss a body, Need the warl' ken?" Comin' Thro' the Rye by Robert Burns I picked this because Holden likes privacy and that is what the poem is saying. Also it is a big poem inside the book since Holden hears the a boy singing it and he likes the poem.
A universal theme of the story is failure which is shown by the way this man looks defeated. This is a theme in the book because no matter what Holden does his life just seems to get worse. Like how he got kicked out of school and than when he thought that things could start to get better he was beat up by a worker in the hotel he was staying at.
This has a universal theme of perspective and from the book the story is told from a teenager who is having to become a man so his perspective on the world is often skewed. This is showed in the image by the young girl who is around a lot of adult things
The tone of the story is depressing and this picture represents that because of how sad and lonely the statue looks. I picked depressing as the tone because whenever I read the book I feel sad.
The historical setting is 1940's New York. This is shown by the black and white picture and how the people are dressed. You can also tell from how the building looks that it is a city and from what the kids are wearing that it is from the 1900's
Text-to-World In this book Holden struggles with his age and how people treat him because of how he looks. This is like teenagers in present day because they are often coddled, but act as though they are much older. This is how Holden acts since he is a young adult but acts much more mature. I used this picture because it's a teenager. This picture represents Holden because he is often presented well but remains lonely like the kid looks outside of the train window. This picture represents through his life as a young adult he was mainly alone and had no one to help him.
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