Hopping throughout the ages

This collection was brought together to show how different ages and unique cultures would create diverse artworks relating to the same subjects. Rabbits were a nearly world wide animal and rather popular for meat and fur, so naturally there would be plenty of art to show and compare of different styles. –Valerie Kramin 


To start the collection, I found the oldest rabbit piece of art available. This rabbit pendant is a very beautiful and well carved into stone, simple yet efficient with its details.
This drawn hare piece by Albrecht Dürer is one of my favorites, the absolutely stunning line work and shading is remarkably detailed for what I expect from the year 1502.
This Chinese painting of two rabbits is very different from the previous work of art, as they focus on solid line art and flat looking subjects over the detailed 3D drawing.
Another Chinese painting to show variations of how the rabbit was drawn even within just the few years difference. This time there are many rabbits painted in some grass.
To truly show differences in art, I needed to bring in other mediums of art as well. This incense box has a very cute and simple design, clearly showing less of the "rodent" side of rabbits.
This baroque painting is absolutely breathtaking with the details of the rabbits, looking like a photograph. Quite a difference from the Chinese paintings and the drawings.
While not as detailed as the previous painting, this simple nature scene shows common rabbits and how well they fit in with nature, making them have the feeling of being common in this area.
Very simple yet absolutely adorable drawing, this picture looks like it belongs in a child's book. Again the rabbits have the cute appearance, not considered a pest in any way.
A seemingly simple painting of rabbits, showing a good amount of details but still remaining flat with the line art.
A modern sculpture that draws attention to the use of negative space as much as the subject itself, I absolutely love the piece. Through the complicated negative space, the design is actually simple.
Though the piece is undated, it reminds me a mix of the Chinese paintings and the drawings from earlier in this gallery. They remain flat yet give a good sense of unity.
Credits: All media
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