Music is art

This gallery is about the people and instruments that revolutionized music and art. It will show the difference that arts have between their music and the difference between instruments and they way they are used in music. This gallery will shed light on different time periods and different artist and instruments.

This is a photograph of two flutes side by side. The flutes were used in the revolutionary war when we won our independence from the British. The Color of the photograph is really well thought out it is Two silver flutes on a white back ground the flutes are also stained black where the mouth would be placed.
This is a painting of a man playing the bagpipes it was done in 1642 by Hendrick Terbrugghen. Had a really good shape element because the man was kind of shaped like the bagpipe that he played, it also had a good color element. The painting blended everything toward the bagpipes color wise.
This is a photograh done in 2014 depicting the first recording studio. I really enjoyed this picture because of the color and the texture and surface of it has a really dull and bright color pattern through out the photo and you could almost feel the room when you look at the photo.
This is a renaissance painting by Bernardino Zenale. It is oil on panel painting. This paint shows good color and the se of shape. Shape is a big thing in this picture because the paintings shape are all similar and fi together. The color pattern, in this painting is really the same way through out but bright color mixed in there.
This is a painting called The Music Lesson it was made in 1605. The painting has a good use of color the dull colors really blend with one another. The texture on this painting is really nice as well. When you look at the painting you feel as if you are in the room with them.
This is Chrimia Music it was made in Eileen Monaghan Whitaker. This is a picture of a person sitting outside playing some sort of musical instrument. This painting is really cool the color and design are amazing the design makes the picture look like a cartoon but also so much like a real person. The color pattern works really well with the design.
This picture is called Music and the Dance teacher. This is a Asian drawing of three people in a circle participating in music acts. I like the painting because of the lines and the detail that the picture has are incredible. The picture lines up to where it’s in a triangle shape and it is also sortive three-dimensional. It also show s really great detail when it comes tot the people in the drawing
This is a paint called Allegory Of Music; Bernardo Strozzi made Or Saint This picture. The use of shape, and portion to scale if this painting was done very well. The person in the picture is sitting down playing the violin or viola. The scale of the instrument to the person’s body was really good. Also the person the the use of shapes the way everything looked so real was nice.
This picture is called Negro Music: Past and Present. It was done by Charles Vershuuren, it was made in 1939. In the picture you have people in the picture playing different instruments. I like the use of color and the use of design in the picture. The people in the picture are designed to be like shadows almost, which is kind of cool. And the color of the picture are different from what you normally se and they blend well together.
This is a photograph of Louis Armstrong at Carnegie Hall, In 1947. In this photo You can see Louis Armstrong with his trumpet in his hand singing into a microphone. The picture has a good element of Space and color. The way that it captures him at the front of the stage makes him look bigger than everything else in the photo, which is pretty interesting. Also the black in white photo gives it a historical vintage vibe.
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