Value: Element of Art Gallery

This gallery is going to contain of pictures that represent the vocabulary words that describe value.

This image is high contrast because the colors used in this image are mainly black and white and there are minimal colors used that are in between.
This image represents low contrast due to the colors falling closely together such as grays, whites, and blacks.
This image is a representation of value scale due to the transition between the black to gray to white in the picture.
This image is a representation of a balanced value distribution. The image uses colors that are around black and gray to make the colors combine into one image.
This image is a unbalanced value distribution due to the wide range of colors used in the image. The colors vary from black to gray then to white. There is no agreement between the colors.
This image is a description of volumetric value because the use of the dark colors and the light background off the scale make the figure in the image stand out and look three dimensional.
This image represents attached shadows because the colors used creates a shadows of the people due to the "light source" coming from the window.
This image is a representation of a cast shadow because it creates a shadow using different colors of the value scale to create a meaning and define the shape of the figure in the image.
This image is a use of atmospheric perspective because of the different values used as well as the blurred lines and blurry shapes.
This picture shows chiaroscuro being used. In this image the candle or light source is used to create different shapes in the image.
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