Khadija's landscape gallery

This gallery is gonna ROCK!!!

The window is AWSOME!!! It's so well done. It must have tooken the artist like 2 years to finish it. I also love the idea of showing the landscape through the beautiful window. And the reflection on the water looks so real.
I t looks like a storm is coming to put an end to the world. And again, the clouds look so real as if it was a photograph.
The trees are big and the houses small. When I look at them they make me want to fall. Into this perfect life of no privacy. Where no one cares about the money.
I just LOVE how the colors blend in together the tint of pink is just MAGNIFICENT. I just want to go there sit and watch that beautiful view and forget about all the nonsense of people.
The clouds look soooooo real. It's as if I could go through the painting and just jump on them like a trampoline.
People just look so happy. And rainbow helps the artist express the feeling of joy that he is trying to express through the painting.
I love the idea and how it was made with acrylic paint. It's really original. The color of the flowers makes the painting more vivid. This landscape looks so peaceful and loving. It makes me want to get out of my house, move there and get a break from the real world.
I like this picture because I love the beach and it's beautiful color.
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