Animals in Art

This gallery contains a variety of paintings of animals from many different artists. The paintings are from many different time periods; some from the 1800's, some from the 20th century. Each piece of art is similar because they are all painted.

This painting is created by an artist who had just learned to use his talent. The artist created this piece by observing the mountainous plains and combining every detail into one painting.
This painting is of a scene of elephants painted by a Kenyan artist, Tom Mboya. Mboya urged himself to study hospitality in college but was unable to drift away from his compassion for art.
The animals in this painting look very realistic; this can be credited to the many hours the artist spent in local slaughterhouses and butcher shops studying the anatomy of animals she painted.
This artwork was created after the artist returned from a trip to Scotland. The painting shows how much attention the artist paid to the environment around her during her trip.
The artist of this painting is famous for his paintings of animals. He compares himself to this lion on Sunday afternoons at 4pm when he lays in bed to watch a TV show.
This painting is a portrayal of Noahs Ark. There are many different types of animals pictured, from elephants, to birds, to hamsters. There are pairs of each species, just as described in the story.
In this painting, the horse stands alert in the middle of what seems to be a storm. The artist put a tremendous amount of detail into making the horse the center of attention in this painting.
This painting is made to look very realistic, except for the lack of blood. The horse looks very terrified and defeated. The lion looks determined and hungry. This is how I would imagine this scene.
Credits: All media
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