i thought this art was creative and i kinda like it its just different stuff thats why i like this kinda
the robot looks cool the artist is pretty good.
captain america looks kinda like a zombie in this picture but i thought it looks kinda cool
I picked this one because this picture reminds it of me.
i like the different art thats on the wall.
i like the different collage of art formed into pretty much into one gaint art thing.
i like how it looks a little real and how the different shades of blue are blended in.
the triangle looks like its popping out and the lines are popping out too
i like how its 3D and looks like its going threw the wall.
whoever made this was creative and it probaly took a long time to do it.
i like how it looks like its glowing. i like the blue and the orange blended in.
the turtle looks like its popping out. i like how the turtle looks real.
The different color tiles look nice and the fish one the bottom.
i like the different color flowers and how it looks.
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