Here is my Renaissance art gallery, all the arts are ordered by the alphabet order of the artists' names.

This is called Mars on his Chariot Pulled by wolves. It was by Claude II Audran in 1673. It locates in the Palace Versailles in France. Claude II Audran learnt art in Paris and then he went to Italy. This painting really focuses on the action of people. It is about the angles and the heavens.
This is called The Four Elements: air. It was by Joachim Beuckelaer in 1570. It locates in the National Gallery in London. Joachim was from Antwerp. This painting was about people 's daily life. It focuses on normal people.
This is called The Birth of Venus. It was by Botticell Sandro Botticell during 1483-1485. It locates in Uffizi Gallery. There were few details about his life. This painting was about the birth Venus. It originally from an Greek myth.
This is called the Studies of an outstretched arm for the fresco.It was by Michelangelo Buomarroti around 1508-1509. Michelangelo was on of the greatest Renaissances artists. This painting showed the arms of human beings. It was really focused on the muscle on humans.
This is called Malle Babble. It was by Frans Hals in 1633. It locates in Staatliche Mussen zu Berlin. Frans Hals was also from Antwerp. This was a painting of an ordinary lady. It focuses on normal people's life.
It is called the Ambassadors. It was by Hans Holbein in1533. It locates in The National Gallery in London. Hans Holbein was from Germany. This painting is about two ambassadors. It focuses on normal people as all the renaissance art.
It is called the Merchant Georg Gisze. It was by Hans Holbein in 1532.. It locates in The National Gallery in London.It was a painting about merchant. It fucuses on regular people's lives.
It is called Portrait of Henrietta and Mary Hyde. It was by Willem Wissing. It locates in the tate Britain.Willem Wissing was a dutch artist.There were two little girls in the painting. It also focuses on people's lives.
It is called the Self portrait as the apostle Paul. It was by Rembrandt Harmensz van Rijn in 1661.Rembrandt was from Netherlands. Thispainting was in Rijks museum. This painting was a picture of the painter himself. It focuses on "person".
It is called Simson threatened his father-in-law. It is also by Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn. It was painted in 1635. Now, it is located in the Staatliche museum in Berlin. It was about a man and his father-in-law. It is about regular people's lives.
It is called the Love Letter. It was by Johannes vermeer in 1669. It locates in the Rijks museum. Johannes Vermeer was from Netherlands too. This painting is about a lady who just got a love letter. It shows people's normal lives.
It is called the Annunciation. It was by Leonardo da Vinci around 1472. It locates in the Uffizi Gallery. Leonardo da Vinci is a well-known Italian artist. This piece of painting shows the story that the angel told Maria that she was pregnant. It focuses on all he detail works of the buildings and the clothes.
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