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At Positive Principles  Co. we provide our readers with texts that will help improve their lives for the better. Whether you are having troubles with work, your love life, or just finding personal peace, our goal is to provide books that inspires everyone to grow mentally, socially, and spiritually.

The Alpha Woman by Mary Wollstonecraft With the advice of Mary Wollstonecraft, thousands of women have become empowered to embrace their true selves and strive to dominate in all aspects of their lives. In a world that often seems to center around men, women are put in a beta role in many situations. Whether you’re a career woman or a housewife, Wollstonecraft motivates you to assert your dominance and independence. The Alpha Woman features the inspiring stories of women who defeat the odds, and found their road to empowerment. Discover how to: -Fight the gender wage gap. Women currently make .79 cents for every dollar a man makes. With women getting into more technical and higher paying fields, we can help fight this. -Fight sexism in daily life. All women know how hard it is to hear sexist comments, and constantly be judged for how you look. -Find personal empowerment. -Embrace your womanhood. “This book will remind you that the future is female.” –Hillary Clinton
Work that Works for You—Studs Terkel From the author of Working, a collection of the stories of the work of individuals in all different types of professions, comes Work that Works for You. Terkel has interviews hundreds of people about their jobs, and has incredibly valuable insights to share about how to get the most out of your work life. Terkel has advice for high school students trying to figure out what to major in in college, college grads getting into the work force, people with established careers looking to advance, and people with careers who are looking for change. Studs Terkel recognizes the profound value of work in someone’s life, and wants to help you make your work work for you. Discover how to: -Narrow down a college major and career path based on personal goals. Do you want to do what you love? Do you want to have high earning potential? Usually there is a compromise between both. -Advance in your career. Understand your value and potential, and learn how to ask for raises and promotions accordingly. Learn to not undersell yourself. -Change your career path to find fulfillment. It’s never too late to make yourself happy. An unfulfilling career can be detrimental to your well-being. “Studs Terkel inspired me to quit my horrible job as a garbage man and become an actor”- Academy Award winning actor Roy Schmidt
Expand your Consciousness- Lucretius Many people have the idea that we are bodies, and we have a soul. The truth is that we are souls who have bodies. Based on Epicurean philosophy, I want to teach you how to seek truth and knowledge from inside of yourself and project it outwards—to expand the realms of your consciousness and change the way you see the world. Some people use drugs to expand their minds, some try to explore through astral projection in their sleep, but the truth is that knowledge is within you and all around you, you just need to learn how to see it. Discover how to: -Expand your consciousness through meditative techniques. Learn how to really be in a moment, an absorb all of the knowledge of that moment, and learn from it. -Expand your consciousness through the pursuit of knowledge. Lucretius has tips to make every experience a learning experience. -Place importance on your internal experience rather than your physical one. This book will help you shed materialistic ideals and wants for things you don’t need.
How to Live by Utopian Ideals- Thomas More This self-help book pulls ideals from his fiction and political philosophy book Utopia and helps people incorporate these ideals in their everyday life. In Utopia, there is no private property, everyone contributes equal shares of work, they avoid war, and people are tolerant of each other. The fundamentals behind these ideals are what motivate this book. This book will inspire you to: -Be tolerant of all people. Whether they are a catholic or atheist, black or white, old or young, all people deserve to be tolerated and respected. -Be more peaceful. Most conflicts can be resolved through level-headed communication. Anger only makes things worse in tricky situations. -Give your fair share. Whether that means helping out around the house, donating some of your old clothes, or spending some time volunteering at a soup kitchen, if you give you will receive. “After reading Thomas More’s new book, I made the decision to donate 45 billion dollars to charitable donations over my lifetime!” –Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO
What We Can Learn From Monkeys- Frans De Waal Through his work as a primatologist, Frans De Waal has learned a lot about monkeys. He’s spent his years researching and documenting social behavior in primates, including conflict resolution, cooperation, inequity aversion, and food-sharing. Through his work with primates, De Waal has learned a lot about humans. The primates naturally display empathy, and De Waal hopes to inspire humans to be more empathetic. Discover: -Our human instinct for compassion. We are not condemned by nature to treat each other badly, and that thought process is a self fulfilling prophecy. -Understand how humans emotions work and how that is based in evolutionary psychology. “I used to think it was human nature to just fight for survival and crush the competition, but now I realize that isn’t the case.”-Donald Trump
How to Be a Better Observer, Thinker and Writer- Herodotus Widely referred to as the “father of history”, Herodotus is the guy to turn to when it comes to observation and recording. Herodotus’s inquisitive and perceptive nature, as well as exquisite record keeping, has led him to provide extremely detailed and accurate records of history. In this book he will teach you some of his secrets to keeping your own accurate records of things. Whether you’re an aspiring historian, or just want your diary to be really legit, Herodotus has some valuable tips for you. Learn how to: -Be a conscious observer. Look past the foreground, and notice what’s happening around you. Make a conscious effort to notice things that you normal would look right past. -Write everything down. You must keep good records in order to ensure you wont forget the little details, which may be extremely important even if you don’t realize it. -Reflect on what you’ve written. Sometimes, you will have insightful thoughts about your observations. Write them down.
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