Jessica Keith

Art Collection: Dream/Nightmare Motif                         In Vincent Van Gogh's work starry night you notice the frequent use of blue, and white in the sky. As you look at the blending of the sky you think of what he was trying to say to the people who look at his art. The message that Vincent was trying to get out was how even in times of despare there is always hope as you look at the sky.                                               Another work includes a hare in the forest created by an artist known as Hans Hoffman. In his work he freguently used a brown in the scenery, also a nice forest green for plants. The message that Hans was trying to tell others was that nature can be beutiful as well as deciving.                                                         In John Smiths work lady Hamolton as Nature the colors he uses frequently is the colors black and white. John Smiths message was that having a loyal pet is great even during the worst times.                               Another work includes Wonderland. Wonderland was created by an artist by the name of  August Strenberg. He unlike the rest of the other artist did a collage of many different cheerful colors. The message he was trying to tell people is that even in slightest of hope you can create the most wonderful things if you just believe. Finally, the last and finale art work that I have chosen for my collection is work named Dream. This peace of art was created by an artist by the name of Yuan Xiuan. He used the colors blue, black, and white to explain his message. His message to others is that dreams can have different perspectives on people. For an example he used the black for chous, or dark, the white for peaceful, or good, and blue for sadness.                       One thing that all of this pictures have in common is that they connect to the theme Dream/Nightmare in some way. In starry night it is a dream due to the hope that the brushstrokes create. In a hare in the forest it explains both how nature can be beuty and also look so deciving in the way people percive it.  In lady haritam in nature it was created in the time of despair however she was happy for having a companion there with her. In Wonderland the painting gives you hope into create wonderful ideas. And lastly dream is about how dreams can be percieved in many different ways depending on the mood or state your in. They all remind me of a dream because of the hope and mysteries the artists put into their work. These work of art also expresses the way that the artist feels as he/she creates what they are thinking of at that time.

To Vincent this art was hope to see the real world once more because he was kept in a mental hospital away from others out in the world.
This explains that the world has beauty such as the rabbit however it is also deciving with the dark woods and drapping plants.
This work of art explains that even during times of despair it is good to have a companion. Companions are good to have to help you not think of then but to think what good comes afterwards.
This art of August believes that the must wonderful ideas or creations is created if you just believe. This inspires others because of the cheerful colors of the painting.
This painting expreces the way that dreams can be percieved in many different ways. He explains that there can be sad, dark, and light dreams.
Credits: All media
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