renaissance perspective

Barcelona-popular city in spain relating to arts and culture. Second third of 16th century- approx. 1560's Museu- Museum in spanish Catalonia- home to Salvador Dali, city in spain
Landscape- painting depicting a spread of land (city, town, area) symmetry- balanced form, mutually corresponding arrangement realism- depicting realistic details in a work of art vanishing point- the point where all perspective details disappear at in the distance
attributed- to dedicate a work to someone Gemaldegalerie- art museum in berlin texture- surface quality or appearance of surface quality composition- the total of what the artwork includes and depicts
warm colors- Colors whose relative visual temperature makes them seem warm. movement- the appearance of visual movement in a piece (dancing figures) Liverpool- city in england
dark colors- colors that have darks hues roma- rome palazzo barberini-a palace in Rome, facing the Piazza Barberini in Rione Trevi. shadows-when light acts upon objects spatial depth-appearance of depth by using perspective space
three dimensional- occupies space through dimensions of height width and depth foreground- ground or parts situated in the front background- what composes the layer in the back atmosphere-method of creating an illusion of depth
Van gogh- artist who uses a multitude of style ranging from abstract to realism with perspective. color scheme- specific colors used in a similar pattern in a work.
venice- city of art and culture in italy canal grande- famous canal in venice, subject of many paintings luminating- the water ppears to be illuminated by something this uses a technique to get realistic appearance renaissance appearance- artwork that looks like it was made with the renaissance style
kabuki- Kabuki theatre is known for the stylization of its drama and for the elaborate make-up kobe city-Kobe is a city on Osaka Bay in central Japan. cartoon style- style that is not realistic but more towards abstract detail- small portions of artwork
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