pakistan and nepal culture

Even after the earthquake, this craved temples are culturally and historically significant to everyone around.
The newer craftsmen who made sculptures like this one were highly valued for their skills in the Himalayas.
This is a place that is a community arts and research center for new refugees from Nepal. Almost every night there is a cultural night for them.
I chose to use this photo because it represents Buddha. He was the creator of one of Buddhism, which is very important to them.
This artwork represents both Hindu and Buddhist traditions.
This is a photo that has the sculpture of the first human form of Buddha.
This stone reflects Nepali connections with Hindu India which is probably very significant to them, that is why I chose this photo.
Bodhisattva were considered royalty and they played a key role in Mahayana Buddhism.
Again, this is another representation of Buddha in human form and because I found so many of these on here, I think these were pretty important.
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