Principles of design 

Bang, Hai Ja picture is using unity because all of it is circles but different sizes of circles this is called Articles of Light.
Lee, Yongbaek picture is using variety because it's showing different types of fishes this is called Plastic Fish.
Lee, Yongbaek picture is using emphasis because the horse is in the front and the biggest this is called Culture Wall
Yoo, Geun Taek is using movement because it's showing water dripping down from water going up in the picture this called Fountain
Moon, Hyungmin is using balance because each shelf look the same this called Unknown City #19.
Moon, Hyungmin is using pattern because it goes back in forth with red, pink, and blue this is called Dumb.
Moon, Hyungmin is using proportion because little shapes turned into a big shape this called I Love You More than You'll Ever Know #01
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