This Gallery include many different styles of sporting events around the world. Some of the events include Futbol (Soccer), Martial Arts, Olympic Curling, Skiing, Boxing, Swimming , and sailing. Although not every sport is identically the same, when the sporting event takes place it helps do two things for us, Helps us forget about our troubles and brings us closer together

In this photograph we see two teams in the middle of a heated grudge match. This photograph was taken in Korea by photographer Sunkwan Kwon. Even though we cannot see the audience There is the assumption that there might be a small rivalry insuring between the fans of the two teams.
In this photograph we see about fifty people in a pool either practicing how to swim or endurance training for an event. This photograph was taken by Sunkwan Kwon in Korea in 2009. By the way he was able to use a wide angle shows the massive pool full of eager swimmers
This Photograph is a great representation of the theme of this gallery. This photo demonstrates no matter where you’re from, sports can bring people together. This photo was taken by an unknown photographer during the flyweight boxing finals in the 2012 London Olympics. What makes this photo so significant is the fact that the winner, Nicola Adams what’s the first woman to win an Olympic boxing gold medal.
In this photograph we see sailboats tethered together waiting to go out on their next voyage. This photo also represents this gallery because its showing how a completely different sport can also bring together people. The photo seen was taken in Brazil circa 1954 by Marcel Gautherot. Even though the world around them by be chaotic, they can find peace in sailing.
As we examine this photo, taken by Marcel Gautherot circa 1940, we see two men. It appears as if they are preforming some type of martial arts on the beach. As we further examine the phot we can see how the background of the sea and sky plays well with the light color pants and the sand. At this moment, the talent in the photograph aren’t worried about what’s going on in government, they are just focused at the task at hand.
The piece is amazingly crafted all on its one and represents more than it shows. Every winter Olympics the world forgets about its issues and joins together to watch many different sporting events. Over the last few years social media seems to jump on the curling bandwagon for a short amount of time. Im not sure why but it really brings people from all walks of life together. In the piece, created by Rosa Serra, we see the perfect form of a curler displayed.
In this Photo we see another Olympic event being depicted. Rosa Serra did an amazing job on demonstrating what a down hill skier does in 1992. The way Rosa crafted this piece perfectly depicts movement as the skier goes down the hill to prepare to take flight from a huge jump.
Although amazing like the other, this artwork is extremely creative and can be perceived in different ways. As I look upon this art I see a runner, maybe in a marathon event, looking to complete this event he has trained years for. As I look closer I see the runner possibly struggling with an inner demon trying to make him quit on the way to the finish line. Although those are just two ideas, the way Jordi Aluma painted this art can cultivate many new ideas about this piece.
This is creative piece of work that I believe depicts fighting over time. As you look onto the painting created by Hans Erni, the first thing you see are the two boxers smack dab right in the middle. On further inspection you see different outlines of different people, from other boxers to a lady in the audience. The last on I saw was what looks like a man in front of an podium from ancient Greece. After seeing this, this is where I came up with the idea of fighters over time.
In this picture, dated back to 1895 in Manhattan, we see some type of sporting event taking place where it includes the 100-meter dash. This picture is a perfect representation of the theme of the gallery. Even though there’s some turmoil going on in the country at this time, by the way the stadium is packed shows that no mater what people still come together over sports.
Credits: All media
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