Siudak, kamil - Color gallery

In this Gallery it will show you the different styles of how the artist uses color. This gallery will show what colors the artist used in order to make that the main style by using colors to demonstrate it. I chose these paintings because I think these were the closest to what they can be in style for what colors they used for example the complementary style in the portrait called meadow with poppies.

This artwork called "Cubist Bird" has elements of primary colors because it mostly consists of blue, yellow, and red colors.
This artwork consists of secondary colors because if you look closely you can see orange from theplant and table, green from the background and purple in some of the dress if you look closely.
This artwork would be a great representation of tertiary colors. It has a lot of yellow green and blue green. They pretty much connect towards green as its base color.
I would say this painting is close to having tetradic colors because it has yellow-green in the shoes in this painting, blue-green from the jeans, and yellow-red in the lining of the sneakers.
This artwork has analogous colors. The colors it uses right next to each other are colors like red orange and yellow. you can see that mostly everyone is wearing red, and yellow and orange in there.
This artwork has split-complementary colors. In this artork it has orange and yellow grasslands and mountains while the person in it is wearing something opposite as blue in her clothing.
This artwork has a great representation of complementary colors. The red roses are opposite colors with the green meadow.
This portrait has warm colors because it has plenty of yellow red and orange in the background. This portrait would be closer to warm because of the atmosphere this man in the portrait is in.
This portrait has cool colors for its use of really blue colors. I would say it is closer to cool because green can be on either side and there is a lot more blue in this then yellow or even red.
This portrait has a lot of monochromatic colors. It's pretty much a room with moth tones of red in it.
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