I thought that this painting was very interesting and cool. I like the painting ''Mona Lisa'' and now I found the same painting but Mona Lisa looks different. She mostly looks the same it is that she is bigger than the regular Mona Lisa and that is why I like this picture.
I chose this painting because it shows a true Hispanic woman. She is wearing a dress that looks very traditional. As you can see you mostly would not wear this so that could be a reason why it looks traditional.
I chose this painting for two reasons. One is that it shows an artist with paintnd looks ready to work. Another reason is how he looks and how his face looks mad but happy as the same.
This self-portrait shows us the kind face of a man who is 68. Starting out of an aged face are the artist's eyes. The bulging eyes earned him the nickname ''Toad Painter'' or '' The Great Senor Frog-Toad.
Through Chicharro's teaching, Rivera became acquainted with spanish modernismo. This self portrait depicts a young man who was trying to reflect the ambience in which he was immeresed. His face shows certain nastalgia, characteristics of spanish romanticism.
In 1955 Diego Rivera visited Moscow for the second time. This time it was for medical reasons. Among the works he produced in Moscow there are several landscapes, portraits of men and women and a series of children standing out The Sputnik Boy.
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