Deduction, Prejudice, Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc, Circular Reasoning, Ad Ignorantiam, False Dilemma

This is a picture of a ghetto. When people hear ghetto, for the most part, they think of negative images, bad scenery, and criminals being put together. So they would deduce that since the ghetto is bad, if you were from the ghetto you must be bad to.
Looking at this image, one would think that these men messed up somewhere in life. One might never consider that perhaps life messed up on them. These men here are waiting in 'line' for their ration of bread because the Economic Depression of the 1930s was so great that it sent millions of people across America into breadlines
(B) --> The absence of animals (A) --> the presence of a man made product (A)-->(B)- The presence of a man made product cause the absence of animals
Since no human from the Abrahamic period has survived to the 21st century we can have no sure account of the events that occurred during the time period. Religion offers some type of explanation yet they are insufficient in that when asked to gave information about how they know what they know. One has to trust the information on blind faith.
Are mermaids real? No, how can you be so sure? Have you seen a mermaid to be certain? Since there are no evidence to dismiss the existence of mermaid one can say that their are mermaids because their is a potential for mermaids to be real.
A lot of recent political heat has been about military spending. Politicians are making it seem that if military spending increase then it means a cut in school or health benefits. Which is not entirely true, there would be a cut but not neccessarily in those areas. There could be a cut in departments such as unnecessary research.
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