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Church art has been a popular subject in art for centuries.From as early as the Byzantine period, to the Romanesque, and to Late Medieval Italy, we see the evolution of church art evolving through three different artistic periods. Continuously, church art has been extremely well liked through centuries, it was one of the earliest and most popular representations of religion but it appears that it is based on the most popular religious figures known as the Virgin Mary, and her dearly beloved son Christ . Many figures from church emphasize their faith through mosaics, paintings, sculptures, etc., thus suggesting that they were perhaps created as religious images. Indeed, the tendency to represent Christianity through these images has persisted through historical periods when texts about these figures assert their functions. While the styles of these figures have changed over time, their message to the public still remains the same. They are the physical embodiment of Christianity, and where created in hope of spreading religion through the world.

This exquisite painting demonstrates the grand Italian traditional painting of envisioning the sacred figures of Madonna and Child in terms appropriated from real life.
Simone Martini with great elegance demonstrates the annunciation were the angel Gabriel is on his was to deliver his message to the Virgin Margin.
The Virgin , as Queen of Heaven , is sitting in a marble throne decorated with mosaic inlay and Gothic pinnacles ( Symbolizing church itself), and holding the young Jesus in her lap, while the child is grasps a bird symbolizing the Resurrection in one hand and sign of blessing in the other.
The Romanesque portals were the entrance doors to enter the churches, and are decorated with biblical themes through each angle.The upper part of the columns or pilasters are known as the capitals, and are often decorated with sculptures.
Altar Frontals are known to be painted by tempera are panels that cover the front of the altar, in many other situations they had side pieces that covered the lateral parts of the altar.
Altars were the most important place in a Christian church, and therefore they were entirely decorated mural painting all over with mural paintings, fabrics, altar frontals, etc.
This plaque is a noble of a solemn hieratic image of the adoration of Christ.The Christ child held between the the leg of the Virgin Mary, are shown to make the gesture of blessing.
This paintings demonstrated Madonna and Child enthroned, this art piece is originally meant for the Church's altar.
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