Art prInciples

The piece of work is an example of radial balance through the colors and design of the ceiling
This painting of buildings shows symmetrical balance
The painting of old buildings shows asymmetrical balance. The lager buildings on one side and the smaller on the other is balanced by the large tree on the side with the small buildings.
The painting on the side of building is a great example of emphasis. Though there are many point that can be focused on there is one part that has a large amount of emphasis and the attention is brought there
The focal point of this painting is on the nose of the bull. It's right in your face and it draws your attention to it.
There are two focal points of the art work. The points are on both birds. its the focus and it grabs your atttention.
The emphasis of the artwork is on the bottom of the tree and on the branches.
There is both balance and a focal point of this piece. There is asymmetrical balance. The focal point is on the main fruit.
The scale is set with the large white circle and the light blue orb.
This sculpture's scale is giant. Though the item it is portraying is small in real life this sculpture presents it as huge.
There is a repetition of movement in this sculpture.
There is a repetition of emotion in this sculpture and in the movement it is making. Auguste Robin's artwork has many similar actions and there is a repetition in all of his work.
There is a mixture of unity and variety. There is unity amongst the background and the workers. The workers have variety as well and so does the building,
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