art elements

Texture - Vincent Van Gogh's 'Starry Night' is a good example of texture because he used lots of paint and you can see the different strokes that he used. He put on a lot of paint and if you were to feel it you would be able to feel the thickness of the paint.
Value - Auguste Renoir's 'Dance at Le Moulin de la' shows value because you can see the different shades of the same color, which makes it more realistic.
Form - 'box in the shape of a lady's head' shows good example of form because you can tell the height, width, and depth. You can easily see the different dimensions.
Line - Chang Hong Ahn's 'scream' shows example of line because you can see the lines very distinctly. It looks as though the artist just took a colored pencil and drew the lines down, one by one.
Color - Os Gêmeos' piece is very colorful and vibrant and pops out. This shows a good use of the element of color.
'Shape - Charlie George Sr. Xalxidi's 'A design for a hat worn by Soo-gwi-lis' is an example of shape because you can see how he used not only simple shapes like circles, but also organic ones, random and squiggly.
Space - John Constable's 'Stonehenge' is an example of space because you can the see part around stonehenge is big, so stonehenge is part of the picture, but also the vast sky.
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