life in music - Kevin bagley

This gallery will show the life and color in music seen in paintings from all styles and time periods.

This painting was a tribute to the jazz musician, Nina Simone. The painting is said to reflect the smooth feel that Simone's music had. The artist uses smooth curved lines to give a relaxed feel while using many vibrant colors to bring the painting to life and give a feel of excitement of the figures and the music.
This painting depicts Saint Cecilia, the patron saint of musicians. The artist uses shapes to give the appearance that the angel in the background is moving down from the heavens into the foreground. The use of the clouds lends to the illusion that the angel is descending. The colors are bright and give to the musical theme.
This is the depiction of the one-hundredth anniversary of the proclamation of the first French Republic in 1792. The artist uses the lines in the clothes of the dancers to make them appear to be dancing in a circle. The use of space in the painting gives the idea of an open meadow with the trees in the background and the musicians coming to the celebration in the background.
The artist is depicting the Indian festival of Holi. The artist uses the space in the painting to make the man and woman the center focal point in the painting while the other figures are around them celebrating them. The colors used are bright yet soft. The texture of the paint on the ground gives the illusion of the paint flowing on the ground.
This painting represents the gypsy way of life. The artist does not focus on any one individual but instead uses the space to make all of the figures seem equally important. The lines of the figures gives the illusion of movement and dancing. The bright colors on the figures draw your attention to them while the soft colors of the background provide a calm backdrop for the exciting foreground.
Shiva is dancing in the center being the main focal point as the other gods play for him. The colors are bright and bold giving excitement to the painting. The color of Sheva's hair gives a texture to it, making it seem mated but the lines give his hair movement.
This painting is of a Parisian cafe. The artist uses ascending lines on all the figures to give the illusion of height. On the stage, the dancers are observed by all the patrons that are looking up to the dancers. The painting uses only seven colors and yet the way the colors are arranged give the illusion of more than seven.
The artist uses the lines and colors in his painting to give a smooth relaxed atmosphere. The uses the lines to make the man and woman in the center to appear to be melting together as one individual. The artist uses the color of the moon in the water to give the moon a reflection. The lines in the people's faces gives them each a different expression.
The artist gives this painting the illusion of a large area of space on a small canvas. The artist uses the bushes of the background to build his scene. The painting gets its space by building off the bushes as a reference point. This gives the tent that the people are sitting and dancing in the illusion of more space. The woman in front with the red gives a foreground to provide a space in between.
This is a painting of a king visiting a musician who would not play for him. painting uses the contrast of the dark sky with the vibrant color of the foreground to give the illusion of a deep jungle in the middle. The bright white of the characters gives a focal point while the man on the right has a soft glow about him, giving the sense of being enlightened. The lines of the trees give a texture to each of the trees making them all different. The subtle addition of animals in the trees gives a sense of a complete and full jungle.
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