Symmetrical elements in 3D Art

This Gallery is Symmetrical elements found in 3D artwork such as cloth and sculptures. Some examples are not perfectly symmetrical due to the items being created by hand. Some examples have the use of asymmetry with symmetry to interest the viewer.

The symmetry in this object is found in the detail of the corset.The scroll pattern in the image is symmetric on both sides if divided in the middle.
The symmetry is found in the women's hands and face.It has a balance of symmetry with those points ,but the folds of the clothing fall naturally.
The main focus of symmetry in this item is the pattern on the cushion of the chair.An asymmetric element in the chair is the two patterns on the woodwork on the back.
The sideboard is symmetrical except for the center head board.
The wood work is hand carved and shows a great attempt to pull off perfect symmetry but there subtle differences due to it being done by hand.
It seems to be a simple sculpture of a dagger with great amount of symmetry ,but i have attempted sculpture in my lifetime and getting smooth faces like this is very difficult. 
The form and pattern on this object is very accuratly symmetrical left to right.
This candle stick has a very detailed and precise scrollwork and is symmetric when divided down the middle.
The symmetry in the Incense Burner is all around ,but the images in the circles around the sphere have different scenes along the ball.
The statue is symmetric in every way except that he is stepping forward.
This figure does not purposely show any asymmetrical designs. It was made with the goal to be symmetrical.
This is a very symmetrical vase the designs are followed around the pot with the same design.
This disk is symmetric in a number of points besides the broke chip off of the bottom.
The necklace shows a great deal of detail along each section and it shows symmetry along the patters and the shapes of the jewels.
This is another disk showing a simple pattern that shows symmetry from a number of points along with the symmetry in the circles printed on the disk.
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