learning about colors through art

Artists need to know about colors to create the kind of art they want. It is one of the most important tools they use to work with. Color is one of the elements of design. Look at these paintings to see the rainbow of paintings. Every artist makes choices about color.

Red is a primary color. It is also a warm color. Lee Seahyun choose only red to make many of his pictures. This is one.How many shades of red can you see?
Orange is one of the three secondary colors. Have you seen the way secondary colors are made?
Yellow is another primary color. Primary colors are the first colors and make all other colors. The yellow painting has different shades of yellow. Dark colors fall back light come forward.
Artist make Green by mixing Yellow and Blue. o make the perfect shades of green they mix different amounts of these primary colors. Artist choose colors they like.
Mondrian did not like green at all and never used it in his paintings.
Sometimes artists use color to create a feeling or mood. How does this Blue painting make you feel?
Violet is also a secondary color. You mix Red and Blue to make it. Add white with a color it becomes a tint. This painting has many shades of green and purple tints. Its a mountain see the blue sky.
Artists also create art and use colors with different materials or mediums. This artist made a quilt with fabric to express his art.
Damiem Hirst creates unusual art. This is san example of some of his simpler artwork of colored dots. Art can be simply about colors.
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