Black Love

Black Love.  This gallery is a collection of  art that reflects the African American culture.  Beautiful, strong and always powerful.  We are dignified and proud despite the systematic development of hatred of ourselves. The deliberate separation of our families and the oppression of our entire race.    We have Love for our families, communities, culture and its demonstrated in our dance, our song, our values and virtues.   

A strong tradition in African American culture is researching our ancestry. Family Tree is a depiction of this passionate search for identity. Hollingsworth use of color and movement guides the eye to the top of the work where the focus becomes the lines that define African facial and body features.
Organic shape, color, asymmetrical balance are used to capture the romantic mood.
An intimate positive expression of an African American family. A reflection of the spirit of our people. Form creates a dramatic play of light and shadow. and intensifies the mood of unity.
Two musicians intertwined by curved lines and rotational symmetry. The contrast of the dark background and the white and shaded figure, gives the work a three dimensional appearance.
A depiction of a strong and confident black woman. Value and unity help to crate harmony and communicate a deeply human image.
Color, proportion , and saturation guides the viewers eye to different elements of this work.
Folk Art based on the life of John Henry. The formal element in this work is saturation and design principle proportion.
The use of light and the dark background in this photograph captures the dynamic movement that is majestic and expressive. The production "Cry" was a dedication to all black women.
Diagonal lines cross each other to crate shading. Thick vertical lines are used to form the two women torso's.
This piece has a spiritual and expressive feel. Linked lines and rich color unite to place emphasis on the elongated figures with well defined hands and heads. The white foreground and yellow background create movement.
Credits: All media
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