bad intentions

People are inherently bad. We put our wants before others needs. 

With war, people are killing each other because their minds perceive taking one another's life to make what they think life should be like, a reality. Yet again, humans are putting their wants before others lives.
This abstract piece of art is trying to show how humans are inherently bad, thus the title of the piece. The jumbled mess of words gets across the message of how fragile humans are when put down by others.
Humans with the wrong intentions of their words or actions make others feel small and worthless. Ones words to someone who is suffering from a mental illness might as well be the rope that restricts them from taking another breath.
Suicide is so frequent in our society due to mentally unstable people being abused, mentally or physically. With this, we can better understand that when one hurts another, they are doing it for self satisfaction, thus another point that humans are inherently bad.
This piece gives the observer room to interpret what they think the meaning of this painting is. We understand that this man is going to commit suicide, due to being upset from another's actions toward him or something that is important to him.
This piece has words that tell a story of a woman found in a wall, dead. With killing another person, the killer is showing us once again how humans are inherently bad.
This image shows a large group of people abusing another person. This individual obviously did something wrong, which is why he is being hurt. This not only shows us that the abuser's is in the wrong, but the abused is also.
This piece shows the same being with three negative emotions; anger, envy, and fear. He is showing us how his anger, envy, and fear have taken over his entire being.
This piece shows multiple stories of how anger negatively impacts our society if not controlled properly. This gives the interpreter the opportunity to understand how anger inflicts our society.
This image is interpreted as a young child that has or is being molested by another person. This is an obvious example of how humans are inherently bad.
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