The life of trees

This gallery examines how the colors and contrast used in oil paintings of mostly forest landscapes helps portray a mood or feeling in the art.

The Ponds of Gylieu depicts a bright green pond landscape filled with marshes & birds in the foreground and large healthy trees in the background. The pale colors in the sky along with the vibrant uses of green creates a cheerful morning mood. The scene looks natural and inviting.
The Skirts of the Forest displays a few figures strolling down the outskirts of a seemingly deep forest. The colors of the trees and land are not as vibrant as the last piece, which presents a dreary vibe. The darker colors in the clouds along with the movement of the leaves on the trees makes the art feel slightly off--as if something bad might happen in the future. Even the proportion of the figures to the trees is slightly menacing considering how the trees tower over them.
The Great Forest is a forest scape which focuses much more on the tall trees and the pathway of the scene. There is extreme contrast between the sky and the trees. This contrast makes the forest seem more shadowy and eerie. Even the dark colors in the foreground present a mysterious setting.
Romantic landscape depicts a shadowy foreground covered in foliage with a misty town in the background. The muted colors of this painting create a subdued mood. The high contrast between the sky and the tree to the left show the sun is fleeting. The softness of the brushstrokes create a feeling true to the painting's name.
A Forest is a dark forest scape with hilltops and smoky clouds casting shadows on details unnoticeable unless examined closely. The dark hues and melting contrast in the clouds give the impression of a strong, impending storm. These details make the mood of the painting uneasy and weary.
Landscape with a Church features some rugged trees in the foreground and a lone church in the background. The light smoky colors in the sky paired with the deep shadowy tones in the foreground create a creepy and eerie mood. The lines used to create the shapes of the trees are harsh and jagged which add to the sinister vibe of the scene.
Wagon in the Forest stays true to its name featuring a wagon and horse stationed in a still, dark forest. The deep hues of the leaves and sky are very ominous--as if there is no life present other than the horse. The softness of the painting makes it feel like the scene is shrouded in mystery.
View said to be of Val Duchesse shows tree cutters in the foreground surrounded by large standing trees with a few buildings and a lake in the background. The painting is fairly off-putting with its dark colors and smoky shadows; it feels as if something might go wrong. It feels as though the eerie nature is a nod to the fact that these characters are cutting down such an important part of nature.
Giant Redwood Trees of California depicts a fantasy-like view of huge redwood trees near what looks like a end body of a waterfall. The angle at which the light enters the forest presents a very whimsical feeling. Even the proportion of the trees to the people makes the painting look like something straight out of a fantasy book.
California Spring features a meadow-like hilltop with scattered trees and cattle along with a river running through the background. The light piercing through the clouds and the purple hue of the sky makes the painting feel ethereal--even the white cattle can be mistaken for something mythical like a unicorn. The softness of the clouds and the gentle colors of the land create a beautifully calming mood.
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