The artworks I have chose for this gallery all have some realistic feature about them, very straightforward, all pieces subjects can be easily depicted through the artists detail, shading, and color contrast. Each piece being relatable and contemporary. 

oil on canvas, Daumier shows sympathy for the less fortunate by his use of realism, the third class family sits secluded from the rest of the carriage passengers, there withered clothes adds to the realism aspect of the painting
the artist uses realism here by showing real people doing there real day-to-day task, the man on horseback on the right in the far distance, most likely there overseer, reminds us there is social discrimination and distance in the time this painting is taken place in
Courbet uses realism in this oil on canvas piece, the Irish girl is very real, gazing upon herself in a hand mirror, She seems to be thinking about something more important than her looks
A man and woman stop there field work to have a moment of prayer, most likely two people who worked in the fields there whole lives, real life situation that was common for people in the time the artwork is depicted in
Three young women and there dog gazing out the window, gazing upon what looks like the sea, realistic oil on canvas artwork, all three woman have full attention to whatever they are looking at through the window
a man with a hoe taking a breather during what looks like a hard days work in the fields, getting ready to plant something in the fields, you get the sense of hard times going on in the life of this working man with a hoe
Credits: All media
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