Key to your soul by jarrell marshall

Piano, a prominent and beautiful creation, the one musical instrument that everyone in the world knows. This instrument is the product of millions of songs and can give you multiple sounds and can be played multiple ways. A classic instrument that has taken on many shapes, sizes, and styles through out the years.

This grand piano is considered the most richly decorated piano born of the eighteenth century. Built for the prime minister to the king of Spain Manuel de Godoy. This piano also has the distinction of being the earliest surviving piano with six full octaves.This piano was made by a popular English furniture designer Thomas Sheraton. With bright blue little paints being repeated in a line around the whole piano of classic greek people and horses add a nice artistic and rich look to it.
Very beautiful and bright gold, this grand piano with gilded painted surface by Francois Rochard in polychrome colours with singeries and Berainesque motifs.Wide sides have paintings of beautiful naked people and monkeys playing instruments and laying round with lions. This piano, supported on three incurving cabriole legs with garlands was mad for Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. It was what they used to make their music at home.
This is a English square piano made by Clementi & CO. Long in body with a mahogany case gives it a very warm feel, with just a single line of gold plated designed trim going around the whole frame. Theres not much space for the key themselves, with just five and a half octaves.
This is a very interesting upright piano made by a famous piano maker Erard in Paris. Light brown mixed with some mahogany, with a leafy outlining along the rim. The top of this piano has a treasure chest shape.The surface is covered with a beautiful parquet, only one sustain pedal, and has two little cups hanging in the front of the piano for ink.
This piano has a very unique and elegant look to it. With an unfamiliar to piece at the top of it and its shape resembles a collar to an empires robe. At the top of this piece there is a green fixture that is a face of a women. All around this piano there are golden designs of a leafy plant and flowers.
This beautiful piano know as a fortepiano made by a well know piano maker C. Graf in Vienna. The lines in the wood of this instruments resembles wood straight off a tree, with dark and light shades of brown gives of a earthy environmental vibe. The keys are made of shells and tortoiseshells.
This crazy looking piano is called "Janko Upright Piano". Developed in 1882 by Paul von Janko, this piano has 6 key levels designed to keep a piano player from stretching his or her hands as much. Very solid and normal look being all black with not much saturation to the color, and has two sustain pedals.
An upright piano with burgundy red with black stripes going down the outside, and bright orange and yellow gives off a passionate vibe. With a large squared blocked piece on the top, and has lines going down the sides makes it look like pillars, giving the piano a coliseum approach on its look.
This is an awesome iron frame steinway piano created in 1938. Warm brown, and a long in frame with golden fixtures of women, men clapping and dancing with a man playing a guitar. The iron frame made piano sits low to the ground and on top of 3 golden eagles, giving of a very prideful american outlook.
Two pianos are housed in one frame and one body. Definitely a special new and interesting piano called Duo Piano. The mixed sound of two pianos give off a unique a new sound. Long and squared look resembles a dinner table, with two door knob fixtures side by side down the side, and a light brown shade in color.
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