The color Pink as romance and femininity in art

I chose this painting because it seemed happy and childish to me.The lines are messy and all over the canvas as if a child did it, and the colors are kind of contrasting.The pink really brings it out.
I chose this painting because it was simple and pretty. it focuses on the plant, but the pink color draws your attention to flower and some how makes it seem sweet and delicate.
I liked this piece because there's a lot going on in the painting. The wine bottle, the fruit, and the napkin, but the single pink candle stands out against the darker colors.
I really liked how detailed this painting was, and the forest background is very beautiful. It has almost a mother nature feel to it.The hint of pink in her dress makes her seem more feminine as well.
The piece is all pink and the bubbles and hand make it seem very cute and light.
I liked how the painter focused on these two women, it makes you wonder who they are and why the artist focused on them.
I thought this piece was very funny, the heart has a goofy face and also represents a pair of breast. And the pink background makes it feminine and represents love
Beautiful classic painting. Venus is nude in the shell and all the colors seem to go together, and there is plenty of movement in this one as well.
Interesting dress and cape , detailed embroidery and dark shade of light pink makes it "girly".
Beautiful floral detail, and tree branches. Its very earthy and the gold and light pink add a feminine touch, as well as the little elf figure as well.
Tiny detailed easter egg, also with very romantic feminine colors really do make this egg stand out.
Interesting painting of Christ, in the outdoors, but the hints of pink make the other stand out , moving your eyes all over the painting.
I liked how playful this women is, she's smiling and hiding her face. She has a dark fabric covering her but you can still see her dark pink dress.
Very simple sketch of a ballerina on a pink canvas. I like how the canvas is pink, just like a ballerinas tutu is supposed to be pink.
Very detailed painting of a women on a lawn. Her baby pink dress is what catches your attention, and makes you look at all the detail put in painting it.
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