Paris Graffiti

The Paris Graffiti theme was chosen for my love of the country Paris. It is my ultimate dream to visit and shop there, The underground graffiti interested my attention for the love of variation. The colors and designs chosen to be scribbled on the property of another. The show was created as different talents of individuals wanting to be discovered. 

The "art" word was designed in a unique way. The different colors used in each letter explained the word without giving an definition. I chose this picture because of the creativity it displayed.
This piece of artwork was chosen by its colorful variations. I enjoyed staring at this piece of work. The half written word was added to the picture with an funny shape animal drawn.
This face drawn from different angles shows the two sides of one person. The artist used great features and added around in the background to make this picture pop. It fitted into the theme because of the graffiti.
This rainbow colored styled photo was drew with great symmetry. The colors scheme was used repeatedly and evenly throughout the portrait. I chose this drawing due to the artist's creative style and talent.
This picture didn't have much color added, but it put me in the mind of a graffiti artwork. I could see the artist trying to express himself as he drew this with less colors. It grouped itself within by portraying a graffiti look.
This man was air sprayed onto a wall using spray paint. The talent was evident due to the features used to describe this man as well as the wide variety of colors used. I enjoyed this bu studying the face details and color schemes.
This is one of my favorites, I can see this young girl's emotion as she stares down. The colors used showed her deep facial features as well as the colors used on the side gave the graffiti image matching it into my group chosen.
Lastly, this picture gave more of a nature look from the beginning. As you look closer, you notice the graffiti used on that wall to express the face. The colors used to show multiple eyes and facial features were creative. I enjoyed my group of portraits chosen in my Paris Graffiti.
Credits: All media
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