Cool Colors

All my favorite art pieces with cool colors, mainly street art. -Allyson Hanks

I really like this piece mainly because its bland but has a ton of detail. Almost every line & stroke is filled with a type of shade of white & black making the complection of the piece look navy blue
I like bland things and cold looking rather than vibrant. This one precisely is really messy but shows emotion. Each time you look at it you see something new and think or it differently again.
This one is really beautiful, mainly because when you walk by you don't really pay attention to the filth and trash on the ground around it, which makes the art work have a 'high meaning' or 'power'
This one is probably my favorite out of all the pieces in this gallery again because of the detail & the lot about it carries me with it. I love the mountains and it's like I can go with that piece.
Credits: All media
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