Jon's Indoor Perspective

My focus here is mainly indoor perspective. I like indoor perspective because it confines the artist to a particular depth and they have to look beyond the walls that they have created to make the space believable.

Even though my focus is on indoor perspective my focus started off as surrealism but this was the only surrealistic piece that I could find that I liked. It fit into the broad term of perspective and I really like it.c so I kept it in my Gallery
I like this piece because it really isn't very good but because of that fact it feels really weird to look at. size and distance are really warped and even the vanishing point isn't consistent. 
This piece is an interesting rendition of "The Last Supper". Like the original it is a simple one point perspective. The vanishing point seems a little higher than the original. More festive and bright that the original, it still gives the same basic appearance. 
This is a single perspective piece with, in my opinion, some amazing detail and that is what I love about this piece.
The reason that I chose this peice is for its simplicity as far as the perspective goes. It is ver subtul but the I love how it makes the object in the front just pop out at you. Also the attention to detail is impressive. I really enjoy the reflection on the ground. It gives the appearance of a well polished stone floor. It gives me the feeling that the person in the sarcophagus is well revered and cared about.
This is a one point perspective, but it is very detailed. It really gives the feeling of something important happening in this place. There are so many people, it must have taken a long time to draw each and every person. 
This could be a hard one to wrap your head around. It is two point perspective but almost seems like one point perspective. I like the feeling of a video game it gives me and the digital artistic touch.
I love my country and this is the is the East Room of the White House. This two point perspective is unique in my gallery because the vanishing points are on opposing sides. So, if one were to draw this they would have to understand that the lines, visible and invisible lines are crossing over the other perspectives lines.
The artist in this piece put the one vanishing point of this single point perspective off center which leads to a good composition. the detail on the pillars draw my eye and then lead my eyes down the hallway to where the vanishing point would be.
I put this piece in my gallery because it is a well known pice by a well know artist and he used perspective. While not inside, it does seem like a dream world which is inside of ones head. I like the foreshortening that he used. By giving the foreground more detail and the back ground less detail he focuses your eyes on what he wanted the viewer to focus on without the perspective pulling your eyes away from the focus.
This is a fun two point perspective. The thing that I really like about it is the mirror on the left side. Drawing or painting the reflection can be hard sometimes and in this piece the artist does great and I love how the reflection doesn't make any sense because parts of it aren't a reflection at all. The other thing that I like is the angel that is in the mirror but not in the fore ground where it should be if it were a true reflection.
This is my favorite piece of all the pieces in my gallery. I call this a omni-perspective. Because of the fisheye effect that the artist gave to the piece there are and can be infinite vanishing points.
I love how enormous this scene is. It makes me feel small in this space. It draws me in and makes look up and all while fighting through the sprawling crowd. 
I don't really like this piece. The color is drab and the scene is boring. I tried so hard to avoid putting it in my gallery, but as I was browsing through the art this one kept catching my eye. So, the artist did his job by drawing my eye to the art. So, with that being said, I like it solely for its ability to stand out from the numerous other works.
I don't know what the artist was trying to accomplish here but I feel that he failed himself and everybody that looks at this piece, initially. My eye is drawn right away to the floor which I do not think the artist wanted. I love the floor but I also think that it ruins the rest of the piece. if you get past the floor though there is a lot going on here, There is a lot of detail, from the ivy growing through the window, to the reflection of the woman in the mirror. Again I feel that all that is lost by the fact that the artist decided to make the floor the way it is.
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