Bare and Beauty Keila Kelley

Bare and Beauty is a contrast of paintings of women from the late 1800’s to mid 1900’s. I really love how many different artists painted and depicted women throughout Modernism. From nude to completely dressed up these paintings take you back to this time period, and maybe a glimpse into what women looked like.

The Shepherd David is a painting of a woman kneeling on top of a lion in a victorious way, while holding a lamb. She is beneath a mountain range on what looks like a beach. The texture of this painting looks smooth. The focal point of this painting is the woman and the animals and their contrast is brighter than the rest of this piece.
The Seed of the Areoi is a painting of a beautiful nude woman. She is sitting on a blue blanket with mountains and palm trees in the background. There is a table with fruits or vegetables on it in front of her. The shape of this painting is really organic, and the movement takes you from the woman to the clouds.
The Railway is a painting of a woman, and a little girl by a fence of a railroad. The woman is facing forward, and the little girl has her back to us. The woman is seated reading with a small puppy in her lap, and the little girl is standing holding the fence. The contrast of this painting can be seen in the in the clothes by the accents of light, and the proportion of this piece is very realistic.
Fitzroy Street Nude No. 2 is a woman sitting on a bench nude. She is facing sideways with her legs crossed, and posing with her hand behind her head. She is in a room near a window with drapes flowing like the wind is blowing them. The focus of this piece is the woman, and parts of her are darker than others for example her hips and collarbone are emphasized.
The Kiss is a painting of a man embracing a woman tenderly and kissing her. They are both covered in a mosaic like blanket or maybe those are clothes, and it is supposed to be like a mirage. The shape of this piece is oval from the mosaic piece covering them to the hill they are on. The negative space behind them is makes them stand out even more. This is my favorite piece of all time.
Melancholy Woman is a painting by Picasso of a woman sitting on a bench in front of a window. Her face is only being shown from one side and her arms are crossed. She looks sad or upset hence the title. The color scheme is Analogous going from a blue to a blue-green and grey. The contrast can be seen in the light shining on her hair and shoulders.
Study is a painting of a young woman standing with her head faced downward. She is holding her dress in her right hand, and her breast is exposed with her arm by her side on the left. The contrast here is in white and grey, and there is a darker grey right behind her. The movement of the brush strokes makes this feel alive.
Montserrat Casas is a portrait of a beautiful dark haired woman. She is standing with her hands by her side in a white gown that ties in the back and long white gloves. The dress is tight at the top, and full and flowing on the bottom. The background is very dark and the dress is swirling with whites and greys giving this painting some strong value. The dark backdrop really makes the focus on her white dress.
Dante and Beatrice are three women walking down brick streets. Two are walking very close to one another and the other is slightly behind them. Behind them is a huge and elaborate city with buildings everywhere. There is also a river and bridge beside them. There is also a man that is leaning on a wall in the forefront of the painting. Proportion is used very well here, and everything seems to be very realistic. The texture that is used makes the ladies clothes look very expensive, and even makes the water look like it’s flowing.
Julia is a painting of a woman wearing a black and red hat, and vest like jacket that matches. She has pale porcelain skin and has makeup on. She is posing with her hands on her hips and sitting down. The symmetry here is reflection where the lady is mirrored around the centerline. The texture is very soft and can be seen even in the brush strokes in the background.
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