Art elements

Line- This work of art uses small lines to make up the picture itself which are visible when zoomed in. Also, the brush and trees around her are made of small lines.
Texture- The texture in this work of art may not have the quality of real texture, but it has implied texture. This photo is made up of small dots which seem as if they have their own, rough texture.
Color- This work of art uses the element of color by representing different shades and hues. Value is also represented by lighter and darker shades.
Shape- This work of art uses the element of organic shapes along with geometric shapes. The branches are organic shapes because thats is the way they have naturally formed. The geometric shapes are the shapes of the house.
Value- This suit of armor uses the element of value by having different shades of color on the suit of armor. Along with the different shades, the light reflecting off of the armor is an addition to its value.
Space- This suit of armor has space around it along with the space in between the legs and through the space in the arms. Space is the emptiness around or through an object.
Form- This chair has form because its ability to be walked around and its ability to sit in. Form is the quality that an object has when it has shape and depth.
Credits: All media
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